Created By Ben Kucenski
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January 1st 2004

OpenTama is an attempt to build an electronic pet in LogicWorks. There are other OpenHardware projects but they're out of the scope of most people's knowledge to build. LogicWorks is also limited in it's ability to build large projects but so far it's handling the OpenTama project fine. The goal is to outline every part of the project so that anyone can start from scratch and see exactly how each piece of this very large puzzle works. If you'd like to build this project you will need to purchase LogicWorks 4 which is currently $87. There's also a patch available on the web at the manufacturers home page here.

So far the project is incomplete. It needs the main controller and possibly a few other pieces. This project is open so that anyone can build and expand on these core components. If you have a part you'd like to share or a completed project, contact us.

The idea came about because in my University's (Arizona State) Digital Design course we built a very basic 4-bit microprocessor that could simply add, subtract and do a few logical operations on numbers. Everything done in that course will also be posted here for your use. When learning programming languages I prefer to make games that demonstrate certain concepts so I decided to apply that method to digital circuits.