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License Agreement

This code is free as in freedom. Nobody had to die for it, true, but you are in no way restricted in what you do with the code. You can even reimplement the code and call it your own without worrying about violating some kind of imaginary rights you think I have. You can use this code without giving up your right to do as you please with your own code that you have written. You are not forced to deny the reality that everything you do is based on something and you do not have an automatic legal obligation to give credit to every source of ideas you come across in your lifetime.

You may freely use and distribute the code presented in these tutorials under any license EXCEPT the GPL or any other license which denies authors their right to do as they please with their own code. You will never have to disclose this source or any source based on this code. For example, if you use any of the code in these tutorials to make a product and you release the product under the GPL, that license is null and void and the code to your product will be PUBLIC DOMAIN until you come up with another license to release it under that does not violate the rights of another person who may come across your work and learn from it. This code may not be used in conjunction with any GPL (or similar license) code due to their restrictive nature that directly conflicts with this license agreement and what it is to be free.

Unless you make significant changes to the provided code such that it is unrecognizable as my own you must provide credit somewhere that is visible to the user. I imagine you've written at least one research paper and understand the difference between plagerism and expressing your own ideas based on what you learned from a source or few.

You may NOT redistribute the tutorials. They are Copyright Icarus Independent 2004. If you like what you see, please link to them. Do not copy them. You may only redistribute the source code presented as subject to the above terms.

All Tutorials Copyright 2004-2007 Icarus Independent
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